26 October 2011


My freedom dwells in a forest with my hands set to work, my mind solving puzzles, my heart accepting gifts in every season. My truth is a love unnamed and powerful, a chosen family that I protect and am protected by. My fear and my sadness have no shelter here, yet still they knock at the door of my heart, slip between the cracks carved long ago because I live between worlds, each insisting the other to be only a dream. My struggle is to rectify my belonging, to accept my happiness in where and in who I am, to allow my creative expression to flow unhindered, uncensored, unquestioned. My goal is to inspire an evolution in consciousness. My hope is that others may do the same. My life is a series of cycles spiraling before me and behind, and keeping my balance among the waves requires discipline and patience. My guidance comes from Nature and my faith resides in the Universe, where there are no mistakes, only different paths. My journey is centered by art and love and laughter, warm meals shared with my companions for I do not travel alone. My only wish is acceptance from without and from within: to know myself completely and to love all that I find. My peace is found in sleep and in quiet contemplation where I know myself to be more than this body, more that a singular illusion spreading over the immensity of existence.

My freedom, my truth, my struggles, my life burning away shame and possession in the warm rays of sunlight, cooling my anger in the touch of rainwater, cradling my vulnerability in the darkness of night where the glow of candles, of the moon and the stars call forth a higher imagination of what is possible and what is necessary, allowing healing and new beginnings to arise. There are no other mandates, no secret tricks to uncover, and no one else who can take your place. Embrace your responsibility to your own discovery and enjoy the adventure completely.