11 August 2011

Bicycle Laundry Machine of Los Brujos

This is a testament to the internet; the digital ability for humans separated by immense geographical distances to communicate and share ideas in simple image, text and video, completely anonymously or through fractal links of social kinships, on any topic or subject-matter imaginable. Last month I was pondering over the idea of bicycle-machines, this month I am pedaling one on my own porch to wash clothes. Curiousity leading to digital communion, inspiration and action following close behine in willful experimentation, Antonia our in-house engineer worked in town with a welder, an electrician, and a bike enthusiast realizing a simple design specific to an old, front-load laundry machine she acquired from a repair shop. Expanding upon the images downloaded from YouTube, the bicycle-laundry-machine of Los Brujos additionally harnesses the extra speed reached during its spin cycle to run an alternator, generating 12V electricity, which compliments our existing solar-charged battery system. And it was all designed and produced without ever meeting anyone who had ever created such a machine, let alone been in the presence of one at work. Long live the monkey brain with its ability to piece together a puzzle in the physical realm based on the visions of the imagination; images of ideas, some digitally captured and shared. Some day we may be able to independently tap into the collective consciousness, inspiring unique projects without the aid of the internet's technology, but until then may the digital blossoming of ideas continue untethered and dreaming!