17 August 2010


Reunion means reconnection, a reaffirming that we are all on our individual spiritual paths. Reunion is a return to the past, the present, the future in physical and in emotional space; a return to place, a return to Self. Reunion is the reconstruction of ideas and perceptions made open, made closed, in time, in reflection. Reunion is a requirement of spiritual growth, reconfirming where we are going in revisiting where we have been. Reunion is reverence for the sacred, a reminder of truth, of freedom, of joy that binds all life together. Reunion is the recollection of love across time and space. Reunion is remembrance, embracing the beginning and the ending of cycles, and the eternal promise of repeating the revolutions of Reunion…

I have recently returned from a journey of reunions and now find myself reuniting with my daily life in the forest drenched in the deep rains of winter while summer’s heat still lingers golden brown on my skin. Consulting the I-Ching as I recollect my scattered fragments of self, having separated in the passing through the portal between hemispheres, my current role lies unequivocally in La Duracion, hexagon 32, between wind and thunder seeking and finding my inner calm. Thunder claps, earth shuddering as if pushing up through the ground and wind hurls hail and rain through the forest as I sit in-between, watching trees bend and sway, nature’s spectacle playing out in ferocious display as I am warmed by the stove’s fire, buttered toast and tea, writing and quiet inside. My quest for a new paradigm of love, the untold stories we have nearly forgotten will be answered, the sky bellows. The lightning flash of inspiration shines silent and the wind and the thunder are not far behind.

I am seeking a Love that is neither possessive nor obsessive; a Love that is genuinely abundant and that multiplies in the sharing. As we must become the light in many individuals’ lives, so must we accept that many individuals will light out own path in this life. These thoughts inspire my present transformation living among a group of young friends turned family turned connected souls in a forest setting on the edge of wilderness, on the edge of the modern illusion. We are artists sharing trades, sharing meals, sharing paths, building something larger together than any one of us could individually accomplish. We ponder meaning, we juggle egos, we laugh and invent and trust.

Lightning cracks through the air simultaneous with a roar of thunder and the wind slams hail and rain from above, forest detail disappearing in the haze of falling water. I am temporarily shaken, heart beats quickening, but still quiet in my sanctuary which I built by hand, though inspired, guided, and aided by many other hands, hearts, and teachers. Acknowledging the web of Love that sustains me, and living consciously within a group of intimate souls seeking the same is all I ask; just a chance to live something real, be a part of love manifesting in art, bypassing the normal trappings of modern life. This is an opportunity to shed fear and doubt, embrace true human potential and shake the traditional paradigms of love and intimacy and human bonds to their original cores before society made rules and limits on the cosmic possibilities.

The Duration, I have learned in reuniting after long-distant reunion, is my current path, steadfast and true, seeking a Love that is neither possessive nor obsessive, which is abundantly multiplying in the sharing, sparking between thunder and wind in the forest of Los Brujos. May I keep enough courage inside to continue on this path. May I pass on my courage to those I meet along the way, so that no matter how terrible the thunder may shake, or how strong the wind may blow, that we each may take faith in our reunions and stay forever united to our innermost goals.