19 October 2013

Homeage to Women Who Run with the Wolves

Searching for intuition, our feminine roots, guided by Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs, we look in, we look deep, stirring up memory, feeling our experiences resonate as she story-tells and weaves together the bits we forgot or left behind or never really understood. This classic book, Women Who Run with theWolves (WWRwtW), has wandered unread in my collection since some women's studies class which cited a chapter or two, but I finally set out to read it now cover to cover, including all the little text notes, the bibliography, acknowledgements. I am soaking up this book. Its lessons, its tangents and wisdom all part of a perfectly timed unfolding in my consciousness, keys I am unlocking in a precise order, opening me to the deep knowledge I am presently seeking, returning me to ritual, to sacred knowing and to the universal flow of feminine energy as we develop psychically and call forth our awakenings to self.

WWRwtW is a text of cosmic harmony with the other books I have also devoured this year cover to cover showered with revelation: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, The Artist's Way, Spiritual Liberation... All answering the questions of life with creativity, imagination, art, and love; profound self-love and connection to the whole of oneself. This is the path which calls me to run, free-spirited and wild, breaking with the domestic limitations of our cultures and prejudices. And I am not alone, but well-accompanied, as if the very act of seeking attracts others sharing resonance, forming bonds which transcend distance, our howls heard rumbling from other dimensions as we search, hunt, coordinate our whereabouts, give reference, gain perspective, and continue. Free women, free men, free humans seeking to recall our great work we came to accomplish, opening ourselves to initiation in the most archetypal of initiation settings: a forest just beyond the power-lines and highways. We have dwelled in this cosmic space for seven years now come February, a sacred cycle by many traditions deserving of honor, attention, reflection, and acknowledgement. With gratitude in my heart I highly recommend a serious, slow read of WWRwtW in the order which Clarissa presents the information because she is una bruja unfolding a spell and her lessons build potency chapter after chapter, enticing us to remember and even better to act.


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