24 January 2013

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

The Hopi people say, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” Ghandi clamed that we “be the change we want to see in the world.” The mandate and the means, hindsight 20-12.

We are the ones… the ones responsible, the ones which psychically manifest our reality, the world around us reflecting our intention, our affection; for one another, for ourselves. Being human is to be connected to a psychic-active consciousness, whether we are conscious of it or not, a consciousness that is always reacting, didacting, unfolding before us, behind us, right here around us. Be a witness to your intentions, how your expectations flavor your experiences, then let go, flow, synchronize. Live and let be. In listening we are attuned to our own messages, our own secret paths, our personal destinies, but our decision to act upon that knowledge is our own. We are the ones responsible, the ones who must know ourselves, the ones who change and adapt and transform.
“No one else can make you change,” the Beatles croon and millions sway to their lyrics and yet return to inwardly waiting for some superior, some savior, some exterior force to fix, make right, perform miracles in their lives. The greatest crime of our age was when they convinced you that your salvation and happiness resided solely in the ledger judged by another´s hands. There are no hierarchies among humans, but from birth we agree to a myriad of categories which separate us by rank and status, separate us from our true form of pure consciousness. We are the ones who must reconnect across the external and internal chasms, search deep within our hearts for our personal truth and allow our minds to liberate our freedom from within. We are the ones who will live our truth and will inspire others to do the same for themselves. Begin now, no more waiting, we are the only ones we have ever been waiting for.
We are hybrids of our time mixing cultures and customs, playing with gender, throwing aside roles, fusing together the essence, seeking human truth. We come from different paths, different perspectives, different worlds, trying to build a social bond none of us has ever known. Restructuring trust and love and definitions of family, of tribe, of home. We feed one another, lift roofs overhead, share tasks and hobbies, laughter, music, art; our world speaks many languages, expresses truth through many mediums, heals inward and outward. Through communication and creativity we shed old habits and negative patterns, let go of fear and find our inner courage. When you open your heart to the possibilities, perspective shifts and barriers dissolve, we discover who we truly are and begin living in harmony with our nature, unique, diverse, and real.

It is not always merriment, there are edges and shadows, deep wounds hard to heal, frustrations and limitations enforced by human doubt and human ego. But having opened the doorway to flexibility in consciousness, struggles push us further and we find we can reach by gently stretching the mind beyond what we were originally taught into new realms of human truth. We are group creatures requiring support, collective energy and ideas to survive and to thrive, to erase isolation and to thwart loneliness. We all need our group, our pack, our flock, our tribe, our family. Living separate lives is not truly our nature.
Embrace your hybrid-self, your unique modern mix, allow all your wholeness to be brought to light and celebrate the odd combinations, the non-contradictions that make us adaptable and transformative and special. Do not allow the homogeneity of society conform you, to deprive this world of the unique combination which all of time and evolution has conspired to create, to be present right now where we are needed, exactly at this right place and time. You have awakened in order to transform yourself and this world so be it, live it, share it. There is no reason to wait. We are all finding our way and our individual willingness will shed collective light.


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