28 March 2011

Noospheric Rumblings

Rumors and gossip, speculation and myth. Is there a change coming upon the collective human consciousness? Will it manifest physically? Is there any value in knowing?

This past weekend Valdivia hosted a conference on the noosphere, the envelope of collective consciousness which surrounds the Earth. The concept has long intrigued me, but I was too busy with harvesting chores and preparing our buildings for winter rains to attend. Lately the physical demands of life in Los Brujos have dominated my time and energy, leaving in patient wait the subtle cycles of spiritual and creative practice. Perhaps I may have benefited greatly from a noospheric break in my physical labors to sit quietly, take in, explore visioning in other dimensions. Yet I need not await another conference to do so. The promotion of the noosphere in Valdivia was a clear reminder to me of the importance of regular meditation, connection to the Universe available in every moment of our conscious existence. Just as the rains are unforgiving on unfinished construction projects, so is the Universe in meeting disequilibrium with chaos. A return to harmony is achieved by restoring the discipline and the care for both physical and spiritual responsibilities in life, regarding both as important practices of well-being.

The white rabbit waits, whiskers twitching as his metal watch keeps time. Shall we follow him down his rabbit-hole? Western meme meets Eastern prophecy in a clash of symbols too aligned to disregard. Yes, human consciousness is morphing, changing, blending, is becoming more uniform in places, is becoming more starkly contrasted in others as we each step toward our individual rabbit-holes and make our decisions as to how far we are each willing to go. The Chinese lunar calendar marks the Western solar year of 2011 as a white rabbit year, emblematic of Lewis Carroll’s famed messenger leading Alice into Wonderland. I do not know the meaning, only I can not help noticing, taking note, puzzling over the possibilities, watching symbolism and metaphor foreshadow and synchronize. The great whatever IT IS will manifest eventually, tantalizing glimpses that finally collect themselves in time and reveal, but not to come as proof, not to justify one philosophy over another, though many will make claims and attempt to manipulate what is seen, what is shone. What is inner must become outer, that much is written, and changes are happening on the collective inner, vibrations too strong to ignore for much longer.

Yet, time is completely relative and the Universe operates on scales beyond human imagining, well beyond human lifetimes. The valued in knowing comes not just to be poised, camera-ready to document an absolute moment in which the world, collectively was ever-changed to a new frequency of consciousness. Waiting for that moment harkens too literally of Waiting for Godot, an exercise lost in itself. The value of recognizing the necessity and eminence of a change in human consciousness is to actively participate in its arrival, sending our individual vibrations positively toward that collective space to, in whatever small way, harmonize a truly representative manifestation reflective of our individual frequencies, our collective energy as one from many. Our intention toward the next evolution in human consciousness, a change that will impact our spiritual inner worlds and our physical outer worlds with absolute fluidity, is the only aspect we may control; our free-will to decide, divinely given to us with very intentional purpose.

We, individually as souls, collectively as a beckon of light-energy in the vast Universe, are entrusted with great responsibility to perceive, to consciously understand, and to act. Our decisions will define us as they always have. We have faced leaps in consciousness many times before in our collective evolution, all having led us to exactly where each and every one of us presently are. So, the question truly is: what will you decide to do? The rabbit-hole yawns before us and the rabbit glances nervously at his watch. It’s your choice.