17 June 2011

Three Lunar Eclipses

We as a planet are passing through a series of three lunar eclipses which began with the new moon of June 1st. The full moon of June 15th just passed and now we are heading toward the last of the three, potentially one of the most powerful, with the new moon of July 1st. These three eclipses, especially poised at the opening and closing of a complete moon cycle surrounding the solstice, are said to bring creative energy, inspiration, and a little cosmic force to manifest changes, new cycles, transformations.

We in Los Brujos have felt the call, artistic imaginations flying in many creative directions at once. Writing, drawing, designing, photographing, hooping, costumes and puppetry, the winter rains have sent us inside and into town to create and imagine; the moon in our shadow playing with its own image, sending us energy bathed in metamorphosis. And the Universe has answered our efforts with writing and photography contests, design shows and performances, as every day we try to live more by our arts, quietly and steadily disengaging from the traditional system and its traditional ailments. It continues to be a long journey, but I feel certain vibrations in my personal transformation to be quickening pace, images and ideas wanting to explore paper and pencil and ink with a renewed energy, nearly a cosmic necessity as time accelerates and the moon flashes between shadow and light. I acknowledge that the weather and season contribute to the boom in artistic endeavors as we shift energy from summer labors to quiet tasks by the fire, but I can not discount the energy shifts that must also be present in an alignment of our closest orbiting celestial body with ourselves and our greatest source of power, the Sun, not once but three times in a lunar row.

If you also feel the creative push, inspiration pulling at the edges of your mind, I highly recommend letting you imagination express itself freely this lunar cycle, expanding your consciousness toward a different way of seeing, embracing a transformation and new beginning. The Universe is listening for wishes and aligning to help them come true.


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